Hunt Canada goose, snow goose, white-fronted, speckle bellied, mallards & pintails

Alberta River Valley Lodge Waterfowl Hunting Guides

The migration is in full swing by early September and lasts until the end of October and we take full advantage of waterfowl hunting this time of year.

Morning Goose Hunts

You will be hunting huge geese over a spread of decoys in the early morning. Decoys are set up before sunrise giving you time to get comfortable in your blinds and have your guns ready. As you watch all the migrating geese fly overhead, you will want to be ready when the sun comes up to begin your shoot. We make sure you are prepared for the early morning hunt when the Canada geese, snow geese and white-fronted geese are the most active. We are committed to providing a successful morning goose hunt.

Generous bag limits means lots of shooting! Once limits are reached, we pack up and head back to the lodge for lunch.


Afternoon Duck Hunts

Later in the day we head out to field to hunt ducks. Alberta is the nesting ground for several species of ducks. Mallards are the most prominent waterfowl in the area but you will see pintails and several other variety of ducks flying into fields and small wetlands. These shoots are fast with thousands of ducks coming in to feed in grain fields or on small ponds & potholes where they water before feeding. We target Mallards and Pintails, occasionally getting teal, and diving ducks in our setups of silhouettes, full body, and motion decoys. Often geese are coming into the same fields as the ducks so if you didn't reach your daily goose limit you will still have an opportunity to get some extra shoots in the afternoon.

We use only top quality hunting equipment, experienced guides & spotters and amazing dogs for retrieving. Our goal is to make this the most adventurous and memorable Alberta waterfowl hunting experience!

Watch Our Shoots!

Our hunters have a lot of bird action

Generous bag limits means a lot of shooting!

Ultimate Waterfowl Hunt!

100's of thousands of nesting & migrating waterfowl. The number of ducks & geese in our area will blow you away.

Wingshooting Frenzy!

Watch all the waterfowl action duck hunting & goose hunting! With all these birds, it's impossible not to limit out each day.

Our Waterfowl Hunts


Visit our photo gallery for more...

Call To Book Your Hunt 780-842-8622

Our hunting guides know what it takes to produce top quality waterfowl hunts.

We are honest and easy to work with. As avid hunters, we know how important your hunt is to you and we will do everything we can to put you on Canada goose and ducks. Our sole intention is to ensure each and every guest departs Alberta River Valley Lodge with fun filled memories that will last them a lifetime. We look forward to the upcoming year and hope that you can join us in the adventure of a lifetime.

Contact Lee McNary for information or to book your waterfowl hunt.

Call Lee: (780) 842-8622


Lee McNary

Owner | Outfitter | Guide

I have owned and operated Alberta River Valley Lodge for 15 years. I live in Wainright, Alberta and know the area and the animals well. This is a family operation, myself and my brother Eric are dedicated to providing professionally guided hunts for mule deer, whitetail deer, moose and of course, waterfowl. No matter what you are hunting, we work hard to provide the best hunt possible. We hope you return year after year for more exciting hunting adventures.

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Alberta River Valley Lodge
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